Servant Guidelines

Jesus washing the Disciples' Feet

"And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the Truth" -John 17:19

Responsibilities of the Servant:

  • To consecrate your life to God considering the spiritual service as your main task
  • To spend your time during the week preparing for the lesson, thinking about teaching aids and of ways to stimulate the interest and attract the attention, and praying for all of these
    Participate in different Sunday School trips and activities.
  • To pray and fast for the service as agreed with your father of confession
  • To love serving as well as those whom you serve and to thirst for the salvation of every soul, as a servant, to be concerned with every one that does not attend the service and to have no rest until you get him back to the Lord’s sheepfold
  • To consider each one of those you serve individually and keeping in mind his own environment, to think of ways to help him improve
  • To give special attention to regular outreach as well as visiting those you serve
  • To appreciate the value of each soul and to exercise a lot of patience, specially with strong-willed individuals, using your wisdom
  • To give special attention to the social conditions of whom you serve
  • To decide useful ways to fill the time during the week: readings, discussions, drills, educational games (Memorization & Bible@Home) .... Etc
  • To act as unspoken sermon and to avoid offenses in every thing you do “that we should only be holy and without blame before Him” 2 Eph 1:4

Tips to the Servants:

  • Love your children with your eyes, your smile and your words
  • Pray for your children
  • Be an example
  • Love your service
  • Love your children for the child that is the hardest needs it the most
  • Prepare, plan and pray for your lesson
  • Listen to the child as if he is the only one in the room
  • Be Faithful