Event Planning Guidelines


Define the following to start:

  • Reason and goal of the event
  • Date and location
  • Theme
  • Tentative schedule
  • Budget and cost
  • Book buses (Contact Bus Companies coordinator)


Create a poster that reflects your theme, poster must contain:

  • Name of the event
  • Grades that event will serve
  • Time and location (Arrival and return)
  • Registration link
  • Time registration opens (If applicable)
  • Time registration closes
  • Cost (If applicable)

You can use one of the templates in the following folder:

Poster Templates


Sunday School logo must be used in all Sunday School content, click here for logo.

Before contacting Admin team ([email protected]), please include in your email all the above details, most importantly:

  • All event details
  • High definition poster
  • Content of campaign (To be sent to parents)
  • Contact person (Event leader phone number and email)

Preferably, all content should be placed in one dropbox or gDrive folder and shared with the admin team ([email protected])

One week notice is required for any work done by the admin and web-mastering team.

Admin team will:

  1. Create a facebook event
  2. Create a registration form
  3. Post event and registration form on website
  4. Send campaign to all parents for target age group
  5. Accept registration at Sunday School Front Desk
  6. Create an email forward to Event Leader with all inquiries from parents
  7. Once registration closes, forward list of all registrants to Event Leader
  8. Assist with registration on day of event (Only when requested)
  9. Facilitate when challenges arise