Bible Study for Servants Meeting – 21/22 of September 2019

Hello Coordinators, as discussed, the upcoming servants meeting will be a Bible Study. We plan to cover a number of books from the Epistles over the next few months, this upcoming weekend is Titus.

Here is an outline of the book displaying the most important points, please review before preparing your content:

Again, this is simply a guideline, please prepare your own content with these points in mind.

Also, a very critical note, please do use share or present any content found online unless the source has been validated by the Sunday School Committee. There are plenty of content online that is inaccurate and could easily mislead away from our Christian Orthodox faith. If you'd like, 2 authors which are strong and have been referenced by many of our church fathers are William Barclay and FB Meyer, you can use their content with confidence. You can also reference the Homilies of St John Chrysostom, Books of Fr Tadros Yacoub Malaty and Fr Antonious Fekry and Fr Daoud Lamei.

God bless!

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