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Servants Announcements

COVID-19 March 5th 2022 Update

Dear Parents, Effective as of March 5th 2022 as per God's grace, our Bishop Mina & Dioceses (of Mississauga, Vancouver, & Western Canada), the Church of Virgin Mary & St. Athanasius (VMSA Mississauga), and the province of Ontario there will no longer be a need to book for Sunday School Class prior to attending or…
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Updated Sunday School Hours

Dear Parents, Our online Sunday School services are continuing to be offered online. Starting June 29 the Sunday School service will be as follow Saturday: from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Sunday: from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. Wednesday: Mahragan groups from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Thursday: Hymn Classes are as previously scheduled for…
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Sunday School, March Break, & Church Events – COVID-19

To ensure everyone's safety and in efforts to help support the fight against the novel COVID-19, All Sunday School services are CANCELLED until further notice. That includes evening March Break camp and weekly Saturday and Sunday Sunday School services, Friday Alpha Omega Bible Study & Choir. Vespers and liturgies are on as usual. Please continue…
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Bible Study for Servants Meeting – 21/22 of September 2019

Hello Coordinators, as discussed, the upcoming servants meeting will be a Bible Study. We plan to cover a number of books from the Epistles over the next few months, this upcoming weekend is Titus. Here is an outline of the book displaying the most important points, please review before preparing your content: PPT Version: Update…
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Grade 1&2 Drama Performance at the Mahragan Regional

Our Grade 1&2 (in the past calendar year) have performed extremely well during the Regional Competitions of the Mahragan 2019. We are extremely proud of them and wanted to share their performance with all you. God Bless, we pray that many of our kids participate next year and display their talents with us. To watch…
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