Sunday School Booking / COVID Updates

Sunday School Booking / COVID UPDATES

Registration Links for Sunday School In-Person

(Updated Weekly) Links for: November Saturday 27th 2021

PRE-SCHOOL - Canadian Coptic Centre (Downstairs classes) - Saturday 27th - 5:45PM to 6:45PM



JK & SK - Canadian Coptic Centre (Downstairs classes) - Saturday 27th - 5:45PM to 6:45PM



Grade 1&2 - Canadian Coptic Centre (Downstairs classes) - Saturday 27th - 5:45PM to 6:45PM

Grade 1&2


Grade 3&4 - Virgin Mary (Big Church) - Saturday 27th - 5:45PM to 6:45PM

Grade 3&4


Grade 5&6 - Saint Athanasius (Small Church) - Saturday 27th - 5:45PM to 6:45PM

Grade 5&6

Instructions, Information, & Code of Conduct

  1. Please complete the online registration prior to arriving, as this will guarantee a more smooth and enjoyable experience for the children. Registration links can be found on our Sunday School website
  2. Please continue to follow the rules of staying home if any family members have symptoms, or are awaiting test results and follow the 14 days of isolation. This should also be followed if any family members arrived recently from another country.
  3. Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures:
    • We kindly request that you are mindful of time management to assist with these new procedures.
      • Please try to arrive no more than 10 min before the start time. Late drop-offs or pick-ups will be difficult for us to manage.
      • We have designed a drive-thru drop off and pick up procedure that we will be following
      • For Parents of children Grades 1 to 6 please try to remain in the car all the times
  4. Ushers will be infront of the designated meeting area (please check location when registering) waiting for the children. They will follow all Ontario indoor processes and techniques. The temperature of each child will be measured prior to going in and each will receive hand sanitizer.
  5. Masks are mandatory and will be worn at all times. Please bring your own mask, do not expect masks to be given out by the church.
  6. Kids will be given assigned places before they are allowed in. Please discuss this with them and stress that they are to remain seated in their same assigned place for all times until they are asked to move during pick up.
  7. 6 ft distancing has to be followed at all times by the kids. There will be no social interactions allowed inside the church, even for close friends whose parents allow interaction outside.
  8. In case of any plan change, you will be contacted through e-mail or WhatsApp. In case of any emergency, we will use the email you leave for us on the form.
  9. There will be no access to washrooms in church.



If you are unable to join us on the day of your booking, we ask that you please cancel your registration to give another child the opportunity to join by following these steps:

1) Open your confirmation email and scroll down.
2) Under “Order Summary”, you will see a hyperlink titled, “View and manage your order online”.
3) Click on that link and you will see an option to "Cancel Order".