The Sunday School March Raptors Event is Here for Gr 5&6

The Sunday School committee is very pleased to inform you that we have gotten 28 tickets to the Toronto Raptors vs. the Charlotte Hornets game at the Scotiabank Arena on Sunday, March 24th, 2019.

These are not normal tickets - the 28 children will be part of the anthem buddies (Click here to see pictures from our last event).

We just started teaching a 2 months material in the opening sessions to help our kids to have a better chance in one of our most exciting events. We really hope that everyone of you would encourage our children to keep track of it in Sunday school both Saturday and Sunday to be able to can make it - It's during the opening session, so please drop them off early.

Also we are happy to announce that there will be a second option for the reward incase the children don’t want to Raptors or they couldn’t make it since the tickets are limited in numbers.

To qualify for the event, your child would need to:

  1. Complete the entire March BibleBee booklet for the respective grade and Submit it as hard-copy on the test day - BibleBee pdfs can be found here. We will be helping the kids to answer the questions at Sunday school.
  2. Recite the January to March memorization on the day of the test - Find it here  [Litanies of the Compline].
  3. Recite the Apenshoys hymn as taught in the Sunday School.
  4. Have exceptional behavior inside and outside of Sunday School.
  5. Write the test and perform the best you can on it

Test Dates
(At the beginning of the Sunday School Classes)

  • Saturday, March 16th
  • Sunday, March 17th

Apenshoys Recording

To download, right click and save us here.

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