• Meaning of Thanksgiving

    Meaning of Thanksgiving

    This funny video explains in a very simple way the meaning of thanksgiving and how we can give thank daily.…

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  • What Is Success?

    What Is Success?

    This short video was prepared for the Grade 3-6 Valley Trip on October 31st 2015. The video presents different views…

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  • Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

    Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

    Embark on a thrilling journey with the tribes of Israel as they travel into the Promised Land of Canaan, where…

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  • Joseph and His Brothers

    Joseph and His Brothers

    After young Joseph receives a splendid coat of many colors from his father, his brothers become jealous and throw him…

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  • Jesus and His Miracles

    Jesus and His Miracles

    When the disciples meet a traveler who refuses to believe in miracles, they set out to show him the incredible…

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  • The Legend of Three Trees

    The Legend of Three Trees

    Thoughtfully written and beautifully animated, The Legend of The Three Trees teaches children and adults alike the significance of their…

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  • Never-ending Thanksgiving Prayer

    Never-ending Thanksgiving Prayer

    Check out this cute and funny video of a Thanskgiving prayer. Be careful who you pick to say grace!

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  • David and Goliath

    David and Goliath

    Now learn how a little shepherd boy named David found the courage to face this awesome enemy armed only with…

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  • The Good Samaritan

    The Good Samaritan

    When Jesus encounters a man who wants to learn the quickest way into Heaven, He teaches him a lesson about…

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