Sunday School Activities Waiver

I, the legal guardian of the participant of the Sunday School activity to which I have registered, do:

  1. Give permission to the participant to participate in the Sunday School Activity I have signed up for, a trip authorized by the Church of the Virgin Mary and Saint Athanasius (the Church);
  2. Agree that the participant will abide by all the rules and regulations of the Activity, otherwise he/she will be returned at my own expense;
  3. Permit the Church, the Activity leader(s), or whom they may designate, to act on my behalf in case of medical emergencies or accidents pertaining to the participant during the Activity;
  4. Authorize the medical doctor, hospital or medical center to act as they see fit to treat the participant in case of emergencies or accidents; I will be responsible for the cost of the treatment or procedures; and,
  5. Release the Church, its priests, directors, members and the Activity leader(s) from all liabilities or responsibilities that may arise from accidents or other events during the Activity.
  6. Understand that the Church and Activity leader(s) will be taking photos and videos during the event which might include my child. If I do not want a certain photo or video posted, I will notify the Activity leader(s) or contact the Sunday School Admin.

If you have any other questions related to this waiver, I will contact the Sunday School Admin.