Sunday School Booking / COVID Updates

Sunday School Booking / COVID UPDATES

Registration Links & COVID Updates for Sunday School

(Updated: March Monday 7th 2022)

Effective as of March 5th 2022 as per God's grace, our Bishop Mina & Dioceses (of Mississauga, Vancouver, & Western Canada), the Church of Virgin Mary & St. Athanasius (VMSA Mississauga), and the province of Ontario there will no longer be a need to book for Sunday School Class prior to attending or a limit on how many children we are allowed to accommodate in our classes on Saturday. This is following the province's of Ontario's lifting up of all capacity limits for places of worship and the removal of all protective health measures except the face mask in some provinces.

Please see the statement released by the Church of Virgin Mary & St. Athanasius here.

Also see the statement released by Bishop Mina & the Diocese of Mississauga, Vancouver & Western Canada here.

Finally see the changes to safety measures by the province of Ontario here.

May the Lord continue to be with and keep you all safe.